To me film literacy means a lot as a film-watcher. You have to have a level of understanding the film you`re watching and you should have the ability to actually be curious and picky in the choice of the film you`re watching and at the same time be able to be critically and think deeply about the plot, topics, messages and characters. I want to be a good film-viewer to get the best experience and be truly able to analyse the entire thing I`m spending my time on.

Films and TV-shows has helped me a lot over the years with improving on my English, as well as learning about English-speaking countries cultures. Personally I feel like watching films helps you the best with learn other languages, so to me it`s differently a priority then I want to learn another language. It also gives me a glimpse into a culture I maybe would like to know more about or even visit.

In our group we talked about how important the content is for us as viewer, we don`t want to watch a film if it`s not interesting or if it`s simply just boring, like what’s the point with that, we want to watch something that keeps you excited and wanting to watch even more. We then talked about how conscious we are then we choose a film or a show, where we all agreed that it either depends on the genre or what it`s about. We also agreed on that it`s important to be critical watching a film and if it`s not doing anything for you, you should just find something else to watch.

By Miriam from Denmark