Film literacy doesn’t mean much to me since I myself don’t really care all that much about how the movie is made. I only see a need for it when it comes to actually making a movie. I just want to be able to lean back and enjoy the movie without thinking “oh they made this scene by doing this and that”.

It’s possible to learn a lot of language from movies due to there usually being subtitles. These make it easier to understand movies but we also subconsciously pick up some of the language through watching and reading I myself learned a bit of language that way specifically English.

How important is the content of the film to you? We think the contents of the film is very important we don’t want to watch a movie where there is no motive or any destination

In what way can film help you improve your intellectual skills? Well through watching movies you usually get exposed to some form of culture this allows you to learn about some cultures just through watching a few movies. So that’s how they teach about culture and so on.

By Nichlas from Denmark