Film literacy means being conscious about the choice of films as well as how understandable it is. Watching a movie critically. It means bringing the message to the viewer through different angles, places where the scenes are shot, music, etc.

I learned most of my English because I started watching series and films in this language. It also taught me the English that people speak in their daily life and the slang and not just the school English. You can learn a lot of new vocabulary and idioms that you usually do not learn in school.

Thanks to movies from different countries and cultures, American films for example, I could learn about how people live their lives and experience it without actually being there. It is important to know other cultures when watching a film, for example in “Keeping Mum”, it is important to understand the British culture and humour.

Our group agreed that we usually watch movies to relax so we are not very critical and the content is not that important. I don’t really pay attention to the cinematography because I am not really interested in this and don’t know a lot about it. I like romantic comedies and science-fiction movies.

By Eva from Belgium