I was a part of a fantastic Erasmus+ project. It was a week in Valencia, Spain. But not only me, we were 6 people from every country. The countries were Belgium, Spain, Germany, Estonia and Denmark.

At first, I had my doubts whether the host family or the other students would understand me or whether I would feel comfortable. But then I got to know my host family and the other students, and I saw that they can’t speak much better than me. If we didn’t understand us, we help us with hands and feet. My host family became like a second family for me and we had a lot of fun together. Besides it was interesting to see how Spanish people live, because they have a completely different way to live.

Our days were full of activities and workshops. It was tiring, but we enjoyed every day and had so much fun together. We got to know so much people and make new friends. Although we are now at home, we are still in contact with some of them. We all improved our English and we have the courage to speak fluently now. I hope I can participate in such a project again and recommend everyone who gets this chance to do it.

By Jona from Belgium