The first time I heard about the possibility of taking part in an Erasmus project I was really excited and I instantly got enthusiastic about it.

But the week in Varde exceeded my expectations. I didn’t only make acquaintances, I made real friends and it was one of the best times in my life, especially after those 2 years of Covid 19 and being forced to social distancing.

Even though I’m rather shy in front of strangers, I really liked the idea of meeting new people from different nationalities and cultures. And I didn’t get disappointed. It was really fun. Overall, I only can recommend to every student to take part in an Erasmus project because it only can be good and you will meet new nice people and the memories will always stay in your mind and will put a smile on your lips.

The project helped me to socialize more easily with people and get some experience in speaking English and be able to describe things and speak more fluently.

I’m really glad to have received the chance of being a part of this project and meeting all these nice people I’ll never forget all the funny memories.

By Joris from Belgium