It was my first plane trip ever, and I loved it! First, we flew from Tallinn to Frankfurt and then from Frankfurt to Valencia. Some landings and take-offs were a bit steep for me, but in the end, I didn´t mind much.

When we first arrived in Valencia, it was + 20 degrees outside, and I liked it a lot. It was a bit windy, but that wasn’t a problem at all.

Valencia is a really beautiful city, and I liked the streets and parks because they were so beautiful. There were exotic trees and tropical plants everywhere, and I saw elderly men talking together in cosy coffee shops. However, our hosting school  and the family I stayed with were in L’Eliana  ‒ a municipality around 17 km north-west from Valencia.

L’Eliana is a beautiful small town, which has beautiful streets, a town hall and a really beautiful park.  We strolled around L’Eliana so often with our Spanish friends that I would have been able to go around all by myself if I wanted to.

The host family my group member and I stayed with were so kind and great. Their father made us delicious dinners (actually suppers) in the evening and all other family members  were so helpful and understood us really well. The school building was interesting, too. It was actually so similar to all those private houses nearby that I first thought it was a big family house, too.

As for  other students, they were just awesome!  I met a lot of new people and made some friends, too.

I definitely want to do it again. It was a really good experience to have. And I will return to Valencia one day in the future, just by myself –  I  liked that place that much!

By Enrico from Estonia