Episode IV took place in Sankt Vith (Belgium) 26 – 30 May 2022

24 students and 10 teachers spent five days together to bring our project to a satisfying end.

We discussed a 2005 British black comedy film by Niall Johnson, “Keeping Mum”. We also listened to a TED talk by Lawrence Lessig, “Our democracy no longer represents the people”. The participants also discussed the EU, focusing on its history, institutions, member states, values, and future. In addition, attention was paid to refugees in their new home countries.

The exchange took us on an impressive Robert Schuman tour, and we learned about Belgian culture, traditions, and languages. As a result, this exchange produced 24 film reviews, 48 thematic blog posts, several group presentations, posters, and some new web content. 

Coming together for the last time strengthened our bond and proved the quality of this partnership. It featured cognitively demanding sessions combined with fun activities and inspired our young participants to seek new opportunities with the Erasmus+ programme.  

Dear Jenny and your fantastic team from Maria-Goretti-Sekundarschule, thank you ever so much for having us and making it all possible!

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