“Never tell me the odds” —Han Solo

We are going to hold 3 short-term teacher training events and 3 short-term exchanges of groups of pupils. In the spirit of Star Wars, we are calling them Episodes I, III and VI (teachers), and Episodes II, IV and V (students).

Our philosophy 

  • We all seem to worry too much about the future.  Yet we need to focus on what is, and do our tasks as best we can. Here and now. In other words, there is no need to be overwhelmed by the mountain before us – all we have to do is start climbing.
  • Education is messy, and so are our classrooms, but we need to be aware of our successes, too. It is therefore very important for us to be as mindful and reflective of our achievements as we are of our challenges.
  • Are we working harder than our students? If so, we may end up feeling exhausted and emotionally drained. So the balance between give and take must be properly maintained both at school and at running this project’s activities.
  • Many students are so much more than their teachers can see. Why don’t we find out about their hopes and fears, culture and mindset before we judge them? After all, academic data is not all there is.
  • Most students need our support, but one day, they will be ready to do it all by themselves. If they fall, this is how they learn. Our task then is to encourage our students get up, dust themselves off, and try it all again. And again. Until they reach their goals.

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