Democracy is a good thing because it allows everyone to have a say in the laws which is a good thing I personally would rather have that than a dictatorship where I as a person would have no say in anything. Plus, if we can learn anything from the past then it’s that dictatorships are corrupt

Democracy in our Country actually responds really well to us the way it works for us is we vote for a regiment with a bunch of people who then try to change the country in the way that they and the ones who vote on them want. I’m exited to when I turn 18 and gain the ability to vote on what I believe is right.

Me and my group all had some opinions that were a lot alike we all think that democracy is a really good thing we all support it but we also realise that there is no democracy if we ourselves don’t vote on someone or something.

So to summarise Democracy is a good thing while Dictatorship is terrible due to dictatorship not giving you a say in anything.

By Nichlas from Denmark