With the students from the other country were super nice and funny they were there for a whole week where we did nothing but learn about each other our religions our countries and the EU along with a lot of other stuff. on the first day when they came to the school, we first showed them around and told them what the different things were. After the “tour” around the school, we came back to the classroom that was to be used by us for the week.

Once in the classroom we started it off with an introduction of ourselves after that we began teaching the students some Danish words which they were oddly good at pronouncing and understanding. We later talked about our film Review about “Blinded by the Light” where we then after had Lunch. After lunch, we began with the School Carousel where we introduced our different countries.

The next day we started with body language where we did a bunch of different activities learning about body language after that we had someone from amnesty come visit and teach us about Human Rights. After lunch, we went to our town hall and saw that. in The Last session, we started preparing our debate about “nobody wins unless everybody wins.”

To start the next day we began preparing our debate again until the next session. We went out to do some team-building with the adventure Track where we had to do some different activities that they had prepared. After that, we went on a photo safari through Varde where the teachers also had a meeting.

The next day we had a sort of field trip where we went to the city of Esbjerg when we arrived we got a tour of Esbjerg from some older students who lived in the city. Later we had about an hour´s worth of a break where we could go around and explore the city and shop. After the break, we meet up at a place where we heard about some different sustainable development goals we also had lunch there. Later we took a bus to a ferry which took us to Fanø. After we had been at Fanø we sailed back and took a bus to the four white men where we had a group photo and a man came to tell us about some of the sea life. We later ate at a place called street food.

on The last day, we started with doing the final preparations for the debate about “Nobody wins unless everybody wins” where later we did the debate after the debate we had the last session where we had a sort of goodbye evaluation and after that, we had free time till we had a sort of goodbye dinner.

By Nichlas from Denmark