Film literacy is considered as the „seventh art“. As this art improves and keeps on producing better results, it also gets closer to the society in which we live nowadays. Film literacy means taking profit of every available resource so that the filmed scenes will transmit as better as possible the movie’s intention or ideas, and that plays a really important role in engaging the spectators and making them part of the action.

Film literacy can also help people when learning a new language or about a foreign country. It is as closer as a person can get to another culture, thus it is always a good idea to learn at the same time you have fun enjoying a movie. According to all that information, we should be careful when choosing a film to watch and pay attention to its content instead of getting distracted by the plot of the movie. This might work with some film genres, specially those related to history or science.

However, it is my opinion that when watching a comedy, musical or drama the whole point of it is just to have a good time and forget about critical thinking. That way, instead of learning by heart, you will just acquire that knowledge in a far more efficient way.

By Marco from Spain