THE RULE OF LAW means that everybody understands what the law is, and everybody understands that they will be held to that law.

I am personally happy about the following:
*I can go to buy a sandwich at lunchtime. And everything that I will do to that sandwich situation is related to THE RULE OF LAW in some way. In the sense that I can cross the street safely because I know that the people who are driving their cars are going to stop at the stoplights, and I can trust that because there will be consequences under our law for that.

*I can get up in the morning and know that the Danish kroner will be accepted at the grocery store.

*I can send a letter and receive one as well knowing that someone won’t take or view it without my permission.

*I have the right to speak.

*I have the right to be free from unreasonable searches.

The Magna Carta is the first declaration in Western history to impose the rule of law. By signing this document, King John conceded that he as king of England was subject to the laws. He could no longer just decide what he wanted randomly. From 1215 onward, no British citizen, no matter their political position could ever be above the law.

“No free man shall be taken, imprisoned, disseized, outlawed, or banished, or in any way destroyed, nor will he proceed against or prosecute him, expect by the lawful judgement of his peers and the Law of the Land” – Magna Carta (1215)

A look upon The Rule of Law from a classical liberalist places the power of choice back on the individual, because then you know what´s good for yourself better than anyone else could decide for you.

James Stoner, Louisiana University Professor, a classical liberalist:
“That means there is a place for law, but the law is now rules which allow each of us to live out our own lives and pursue the good, pursue happiness… as we understand it.”

A look upon The Rule of Law from a democrat:
Barack Obama president of the USA in 2009-2017:

“One of the challenges of the democratic government is making sure that even in the midst of emergencies and passions, we make sure that THE RULE OF LAW and the basic precepts of justice and liberty prevail.”

The law is written by the people who are elected by the people.

By Lene