In my opinion, film literacy means how well you can grasp the content of a movie. The more you understand what the movie is about, the more literate you are.

The first language I learned was Russian. After that cartoons and movies helped me learn English and Estonian. In fact, movies are probably the sole reason why my English is at such a level. Last year I acquired a C2 level of English. The highest achievable level, and I’m proud of it.

Movies have helped me to get a better grasp of different cultures all around the world. I would say that, while movies were helpful, traveling the world gave me a better understanding. When you’re traveling to a foreign country you get immersed in their culture and you begin to acknowledge and appreciate their traditions and their way of life.

I worked in a group to try and get an understanding of how people spend their time watching movies. As far as I can tell, people watch movies for recreational purposes. They usually do it after a long school day to relax. A lot of people liked the sci-fi movie genre and they watch it on a regular basis. The content of the movie usually doesn’t matter as the movie is put on to relax and to think less about the stressful situations in everyday life.

By Sander from Estonia