We are happy to introduce our teachers participating in this project to you.

Lene Dall Berthelsen

I am a dedicated teacher from Denmark, whose love of teaching includes commitment to students’ success, sensitivity to students’ differences, and strong communication skills to create understanding and willingness to make thigs happen. I am also an experienced and gritty international coordinator at 10iCampus. Read more.

Camilla Højlund Hansen

I am an enthusiastic teacher from Denmark providing creative lessons and engaging classroom instruction in order to promote the goals of literacy, problem solving, critical-thinking, collaboration skills and applications to everyday life for my fantastic students. I have worked as a teacher since 2015 and I love my job at 10iCampus. Read more.


  • is open to all and generally free of charge;
  • is compulsory between the age of six and 16;
  • gives students an option to prolong the compulsory education with a tenth grade; and
  • supports lifelong learning in a variety of ways.

For further information, visit the Eurydice website.