We are happy to introduce our teachers participating in this project to you.

Jenny Drösch

I am from Belgium, and I live in the German-speaking part of it, the most protected minority of Europe. I have been a teacher since 2016, specialized in applied business courses.  Even though I do not teach language courses, I adore interacting in many different languages, learning about other cultures and getting to know new people. Living in a country with three official languages, I am aware of the importance of being fluent in many different languages. Read more.

Ina Cremer

I am interested in the cultures of the world and I like to travel. I support Erasmus+ exchanges because I think that the discussions with the students about different ethical questions are very enriching. Read more.

Monika Kerres-Bellartz

I try to make a difference in young people’s lives and to hopefully inspire the same passion and interest in language and literature that I have. Read more. 


  • adopts the the Constitution of the Kingdom of Belgium;
  • supports a wide variety of schools; and
  • gives free hands to set up schools with no links to the public authorities.

In the German-speaking Community, the Ministery of Education is responsible for all levels from kindergarten onwards.

For further information, visit the Eurydice website.