We are happy to introduce our teachers participating in this project to you.

Stefanie Kieweg

I am a teacher from Germany, who really loves her work. For teaching can be funny, exciting, boring, hilarious, stressful…  I’ve come across lots of problems within the last decades and all of them have made me stronger. I’ve learned how to solve some of them. Sometimes I failed. But never would I want to have another job.

Daniela Ferstl

When I think back to my own school days, I found many of my teachers at the time to be quite aloof and mainly interested in the content of the lessons. Maybe that was one of the reasons why I wanted to become a teacher: to do it differently, and especially, to live the interpersonal aspect of working in school.


  • shares responsibility between the Federation and the Federal States;
  • directs students to  educational pathways at Hauptschule, Realschule or Gymnasium early on;
  • provides vocational education via Berufsschule and the workplace; and
  • provides higher education at universities,  Fachhochschulen  or colleges of art and music.

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