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Episode I

  • Theme: Human Dignity & Freedom
  • Texts: Visible Learning (external); 3 training sessions, 1 guided tour (instructor-compiled); handouts on Content-Based Learning, CLIL and blended learning (instructor-generated); a film project on Invictus, presentations on using film in the foreign language classroom and on adopting a principled approach to integrating technology (task-generated)
  • Topics: teachers as modern leaders,  synergy between traditional and new pedagogy; shallow versus deep learning
  • Threads: teaching productive English skills; running film projects; constructing  the project website
  • Tasks: signing the Partnership Agreement; confirming the project’s  logo and tagline; creating the partner schools’ display stands; selecting the films
  • Transitions: from visible learning to modern leadership (topical); from learning about using film in foreign language instruction to running a film project (task)

Liberalism and education

The keystone of liberalism are individuals. As for schools, the keystone is individuals too, namely their students. Teachers should empower their students to stand

April 14th, 2021|

Episode III

  • Theme: Humanity & Democracy
  • Texts: Mindset (external); 3 training sessions, 1 guided tour (instructor-compiled); the first completed learning object/ reusable pedagogical resource  of this project (instructor-generated); reflection papers on visible learning and self-esteem at school (task-generated)
  • Topics: teachers as facilitators,  synergy between demanding high and stepping aside;  digital literacy and meaningful teaching
  • Threads: teaching writing in plain English; teaching film reading and writing skills; teaching debate speeches
  • Tasks: preparing for Episode IV and Episode V
  • Transitions: from growth mindset to demanding high, from unreasonable praise to deserved praise (topical); from random CLIL and blended learning activities to a reusable pedagogical resource (task)

Episode VI

  • Theme: Human Rights & The Rule of Law
  • Texts: Thinking, Fast and Slow (external); 3 training sessions, 1 guided tour (instructor-compiled); the second and third completed learning objects/ reusable pedagogical resources of this project (instructor-generated); reflection papers on mindset, and fast and slow thinking in school context (task-generated)
  • Topics: teachers as lifelong, autonomous learners, synergy between standing out and fitting in;  digital literacy and deep work
  • Threads: teaching writing in academic English; teaching language learning skills; teaching integration between language, film and digital skills
  • Tasks: presenting, defending and approving of  all three learning objects; sharing teacher e-portfolios; analyzing the project outcomes
  • Transitions: from fast thinking to slow thinking, from shallow work to deep work (topical); from project outputs to daily classroom practices (task)
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