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Episode I

  • Theme: Human Dignity & Freedom
  • Texts: Visible Learning (John Hattie); CLIL (Kay Bentley); Film in Action (Kieran Donaghy)
  • Topics: teachers as modern time leaders, traditional vs new pedagogies
  • Threads: teaching productive English skills; running film projects
  • Tasks: getting started
  • Transitions: visible learning and modern leadership (topical); using the film in foreign language instruction and film projects (task)

Episode III

  • Theme: Humanity & Democracy
  • Texts: Blended learning in EFL: Adopting a Principled Approach to Adopting Technology  (Clare Whittaker)
  • Topics: four guiding questions to blended learning; eight key questions to integrating technology
  • Threads: outcomes; added value; time& effort; syllabus; skills; location; role; resources
  • Tasks: generating, evaluating and editing new learning and teaching content
  • Transitions: scaffolding; differentiating; facilitating; demand-high teaching

Liberalism and education

The keystone of liberalism are individuals. As for schools, the keystone is individuals too, namely their students. Teachers should empower their students to stand

April 14th, 2021|

Episode VI

  • Theme: Human Rights & The Rule of Law
  • Texts: The Shallows (Nicholas Carr); Deep work (Cal Newport)
  • Topics: facilitating vs demand-high teaching; BICS vs CALP
  • Threads: growth mindset; grit
  • Tasks: collaborating online
  • Transitions: technology (topical); pedagogy (task)
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