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Episode I

  • Theme: Human Dignity & Freedom
  • Texts: Visible Learning (external); 3 training sessions, 1 guided tour (instructor-compiled); handouts on Content-Based Learning, CLIL and blended learning (instructor-generated); a film project on Invictus, presentations on using film in the foreign language classroom and on adopting a principled approach to integrating technology (task-generated)
  • Topics: teachers as modern leaders,  synergy between traditional and new pedagogy; shallow versus deep learning
  • Threads: teaching productive English skills; running film projects; constructing  the project website
  • Tasks: signing the Partnership Agreement; confirming the project’s  logo and tagline; creating the partner schools’ display stands; selecting the films
  • Transitions: from visible learning to modern leadership (topical); from learning about using film in foreign language instruction to running a film project (task)

Episode III

  • Theme: Humanity & Democracy
  • Texts: Mindset (external); 3 training sessions, 1 guided tour (instructor-compiled); the first completed learning object/ reusable pedagogical resource  of this project (instructor-generated); reflection papers on visible learning and self-esteem at school (task-generated)
  • Topics: teachers as facilitators,  synergy between demanding high and stepping aside;  digital literacy and meaningful teaching
  • Threads: teaching writing in plain English; teaching film reading and writing skills; teaching debate speeches
  • Tasks: preparing for Episode IV and Episode V
  • Transitions: from growth mindset to demanding high, from unreasonable praise to deserved praise (topical); from random CLIL and blended learning activities to a reusable pedagogical resource (task)

Episode VI

  • Theme: Human Rights & The Rule of Law
  • Texts: Thinking, Fast and Slow (external); 3 training sessions, 1 guided tour (instructor-compiled); the second and third completed learning objects/ reusable pedagogical resources of this project (instructor-generated); reflection papers on mindset, and fast and slow thinking in school context (task-generated)
  • Topics: teachers as lifelong, autonomous learners, synergy between standing out and fitting in;  digital literacy and deep work
  • Threads: teaching writing in academic English; teaching language learning skills; teaching integration between language, film and digital skills
  • Tasks: presenting, defending and approving of  all three learning objects; sharing teacher e-portfolios; analyzing the project outcomes
  • Transitions: from fast thinking to slow thinking, from shallow work to deep work (topical); from project outputs to daily classroom practices (task)
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