This is the e-portfolio page of Andreas, Elisabeth, Jeppe, Miriam, Morten and Nichlas.

We cannot wait to move on with our wonderful project, and hopefully the world will soon be ready for an educational, vivid and collaborative transnational meeting again. While waiting, we have tried to integrate the thoughts and themes from our project into our daily lessons and curriculum at 10iCampus.

Dreams, important people and human rights

In August and September, we had a topic called “Dreams” in our English lessons. Where the students had to learn about this topic, we watched “Blinded by The Light” together and they made different assignments connected to dreams and worked deeply with the music and lyrics by Bruce Springsteen.

“Well… Now I listen to Bruce Springsteen. His voice and his songs can be very inspiring from time to another. It depends what mood you are in. All in all, his music is really good.” Lasse, student at 10iCampus.

Afterwards, we moved on to “Hollywood” and especially with focus on “the other side of Hollywood and teenage runaways”. We read different texts, made posters, and had a look at this website.

Later, we had a topic called “Important people and events” – where we talked about different important people like Malala and Nelson Mandela. And the students made speeches and learned about Speakers’ Corner. We also made a “corner” with photos and articles (written by the students) about important people and events.

Right now, we will concentrate on the topic “On the Edge”, where we also learn about human rights, for an example by watching this film  and practice vocabulary connected to the topic (vote, citizenship, responsibility, participate, community, reflect, freedom of speech etc.).

Identity and gender equality

Of course it is not just during the English lessons we are aware of the projects. In our Danish lessons we had a topic called “Identity”. In this topic our students learn about gender equality among other things. They analyse photos by Lærke Posselt  and a short film called “Boy” .  We also planned an exhibition about gender equality and identity at our school.

Blinded by the light

Enjoy our film reviews here.