Hello everyone!

We are the Estonian team, happy to share our project activities and outcomes with you.

First off, we watched Blinded by the Light, We learned about Bruce Springsteen’s songs used in this film, as well as Thatcherism and  the Pakistani community in Great Britain. We also gained new knowledge about propaganda mainly used politics, but also in films.  Most importantly, we wrote our reviews. Check it out!

Secondly, we dedicated a lot of time on Human Rights and the Rule of Law. So we know now that there are 30 basic human rights. But did you know that other people’s rights are actually our responsibilities? Also, did you know that the Rule of Law dates back to antiquity, and that that Western constitutional thinking is based on it?

Anyway, we have completed our e-portfolios, and we are thrilled to present them to you. Just click on our names!

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