This is the e-portfolio page of Eva, Clara, Julie, Jill, Joris, and Chris

Hi, everyone!

This time, we kept on learning about European Institutions. Since we knew that we would work a lot on European values, we thought it was logical that we should have a certain background knowledge During the last exchange, we talked a lot about Human Rights – but how are they protected? Right, through democracy!

Now, the Ukrainian war is a very current topic in our classrooms. The topics of the next exchange, Humanity and Democracy, often emerge in our daily life at school. The refugee crisis is already influencing our daily life, too. There are indeed a lot of facts about the occurrence of the refugee crisis. But what are the solutions? As for one, check out the idea of and how they try to deal with it!

Besides, we wrote our reviews on the film “Keeping Mum” and improved our writing. The movie wasn’t as inspirational as “Blinded by the lights”, but we learned something about British humour this time.

We are thrilled to present our film reviews to you.  If you’d like to have some more information, check out our blogposts in our portfolios!

Also, we’ve been quite busy with all the preparations for the student exchange we’re going to host. So we will surely add more content to this page soon to tell you about our big adventure.