This is the e-portfolio page of Leiki-Maria, Richard Miikael, Enriko, Laura Eva Helena, Ivika, Hanna Helena, and Sander


This time, we started with the questions about humanity and democracy. Next up, culture and its different possible interpretations got our attention. Intercultural sensitivity came third, and what intrigued us the most was how to combine diversity with unity in the EU.

We also studied society to find out what makes a good one. 

In terms of democracy, we looked at direct, indirect and fluid forms and analysed the pluses and minuses. As well as that, we familiarised ourselves with the EU, how this international organisation works, and what its most important values are. To practise our debate skills, we drafted two opening speeches – for and against – about a possible federalisation of the EU.

Last but not least, we watched Keeping Mum, which we found amusing. Read our reviews here.