This experience was great, we had so many fun moments and laughs. But I have to admit that at the beginning, when we finally met with the students from Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Estonia, it was a little bit weird, but it changed really fast when we got to know each other more.

Since the beginning of the week, we were doing so many activities and taking part in this project, like drawing, making videos, photos, going to seminars, and we even went to a tour in the centre of Valencia and visit “La Albufera”. Unfortunately, that day was very windy so we couldn´t do what we had prepared, but it still was an amazing day.

Moreover, we were also meeting again with all of the countries in the afternoons, going to have dinner together, go bowling or just to go for a walk and have something to eat like ice cream or typical food from our town.

And the last day, we did the debate, and even though I think that we could have done better, I believe that it was still pretty good, and I definitely know that it helped us to learn the correct structure and the way to perform it for the next ones that we´ll have.

That day we also had lunch together at school and then went out again to spend our last time together. We knew that we would not see some of them in so long, and I´m not going to lie, it was very hard.

The next day we took our students back to the airport, and we had to say goodbye, which was so sad.

I really enjoyed this experience and I hope that the rest of it can continue.

By Daría from Spain