Democracy for me means that the people should be the ones in charge of the country. The people should get the opportunity to decide on serious matters and to steer the country in the right direction. Although this was the main idea of democracy when it was first implemented, it has been anything but that lately. Everyone can have a feeling that their actions are impactful, when in fact they’re not. The sad truth is that only the elites have sway over the political parties.

Democracy in my country doesn’t differ from the democracy around the world. Everyone is allowed to vote and have a feeling that their votes count. The votes that do count usually come from the powerful people, the elite. Although democracy in my country isn’t perfect, it’s certainly not the worst. Some of the things people vote on actually come true and we have this event once every year to decide on what we want to be changed in the city. There are many things to vote on but the most popular choices are either for the roads to be fixed or for playgrounds to be built. I think that is one of the positive sides of living in a democratic country.

Our group agreed that we all like democracy but the people should have more power. Currently it’s the 0.2% of the people who choose the candidates. That should change so that all of the people get to collectively vote on who should be the next person or group in charge of the country.

By Sander from Estonia