At Wilhelm-Leibl-Realschule, there are 780 students, years 5-10, and 60 teachers. We provide secondary education in four subject fields: Maths, Economic Studies, French and Art. We are at the brink of being catapulted into the digital age because we are now being given the means to be equipped with state of the art wiring and facilities to prepare our students for the digital world.

Additionally, a new curriculum has been introduced, having started in Year 5 last year and now continuing in Year 6. Some changes in content and moreover changes in methods mark the new curriculum called Lehrplan+. The methods include digital learning and will be put down in the digital concept of the school. Therefore, we have been dealing with the subject of digital teaching and learning since last year and will do so in the years to come. There has been a big change in staff at our school, too.

New (young) teachers who have already been taught new (digital) teaching methods have been assigned to our school. Their knowledge and atmosphere of departure combined with the reformation of the classrooms coincides perfectly with this project. Concerning staff, we are open-minded, creative and adventurous plus we have eager students that have partly not yet been too spoiled in terms of digital technology.