10i Campus

10 i Campus is a part of Varde Campus, which is an inspiring educational environment for both students and employees, where the institutions can cooperate and evolve synergy. This inspirational synergy 10 i Campus enjoys rests upon innovation and professionalism.

At Varde Campus you can attend 10 i Campus (the 10th grade), Varde Gymnasium (high school/upper secondary school), Varde Business School or a center for adult teaching (a flexible education for adults). 10 i Campus has 120 students, aged 16–18 years, and 11 teachers,  and it is an independent department of Varde Ungdomsskole. The latter is a school that provides theoretical and practical teaching for young people in the whole municipality of Varde.

The vision of 10 i Campus is based on a coherent view of human nature. Therefore, we seek to teach the students to be ready to choose the right youth education in a confident, creative and interesting educational environment. More specifically, we aim at improving the students’ personal, social and scientific approaches to daily learning. Also, we intend our students be ready to choose the right youth education after the optional school year at 10 i Campus.

At 10 i Campus, it is crucial that our students understand how to become responsible European citizens with great intercultural competences. We consider the international dimension in our teaching very important. Moreover, 10 i Campus is a school, where every effort is made to prepare our students for an unknown future at a global job market. We therefore focus on internationalization, digital skills and European citizenship.

We feel motivated to participate in this project because we expect to turn the school environment into a place where the students can, in addition to their 21st century skills, develop their personal skills, such as curiosity, persistence, as well as social and cultural awareness.  We consider the latter absolutely essential for their future. That is why this project is going to be a part of the teaching at 10 i Campus’ international track.