“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” —Yoda

Setting up any project requires a clear understanding of what one’s aims, goals and objectives are. It means thinking long and hard, but it pays off. It always does.

Our aims

The participants will

  • raise their foreign language level with film;
  • broaden their knowledge of important European values with CLIL; and
  • improve their learning skills with ICT.

Our goals

The participants will be able to

  • read the screen and write effective film reviews;
  • critically evaluate such European values as human dignity, freedom, humanity, democracy, the rule of law and human rights; effectively communicate their position in intercultural settings; and
  • use online resources for blended and/or e-learning.

Our objectives

  1. The participants will watch and review a 2017 American drama film Wonder, a 2005 British black comedy/drama film Keeping Mum, and a 2019 British comedy-drama film Blinded by the Light. As a result, 90 reviews will be written and peer-reviewed, 3 sets of discussion sections led, and 3 film literacy quizzes held.
  2. The participants will prepare for and participate in value-based debates on such central themes as Human dignity and European Migration Crisis, More or less Europe, and Human Rights and Responsibilities. As a result, 3 CLIL courses will be completed, 3 academic debates held, and 3 feedback/feedforward sessions run.
  3. The participants will build e-portfolios to showcase their learning progress and provide evidence of their achievements. The teachers will additionally create 3 reusable pedagogical resources, and make them freely available under Creative commons licence.

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