Film literacy does a lot for me in the way it’s a way of me to relax and have something to do with my day, so I don’t just sit around rolling my thumbs in circles and do nothing.

Most of my English comes from movies, together with gaming, and so it happens to most languages I can and speak from, as seen from movies or so.

The intercultural stuff I have seen in movies have put a good experience and learning curve of how it is in different places and see how some cultures have it around the world.

I as many other people have a favourite film genre, for me I love to watch science fiction or other movies that relate towards action films and other fun stuff.

Now, with a favourite genre, I can say I also got a group of favourite actors like everybody else. The top one is a man called Ryan Reynolds. He was an orphan and then made it a strong side of him and a great comedy actor who played lead in “Deadpool” and “Deadpool 2” as the most famous ones. He was also a lead in a movie he regrets called “Green Lantern”, where his co-star was also his wife.

I love also the actor named Dwayne Johnson, who is also known under the name of ‘The Rock’.  He got known in movies like “Scorpion king”, “Mysterious Island” or so, and “Jumanji” among the biggest. But what he is known for is his giant size and bald body with lots of tattoos.

By Andreas from Denmark