Welcome to our project’s website!

Are you thinking of running an Erasmus+ project  soon?  Would you be interested in following our strategic partnership to pick up some good ideas? If you answer is yes, then do come along, and take a journey together with us.

Who we are

Tartu Tamme Gümnaasium, C.E. Rivas Luna, Wilhelm-Leibl-Schule, Maria-Goretti-Sekundarschule and 10i Campus are the 5 secondary schools from Estonia, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Denmark that have joined their forces to seek innovation in teaching and greater depth in foreign language learning.

Why we are running this project

We are English teachers, so we worry about our students’ English skills. We also care about European values, and we want to understand better how foreign language instruction benefits from ICT. Not less importantly, we know one another from previous projects, so we would like to strengthen our bond and do great things together once again.

What makes us tick

We are curious, creative and gritty. For example, we wonder to which extent will

  • learning language with film motivate students work harder and achieve higher;
  • teaching content with language encourage teachers to broaden their teaching repertoire, and
  • using blended learning support a principled approach to integrating technology in the foreign language classroom.

Also, do not be surprised to find many hints we have dropped about Star Wars. We love this series because it provides a wonderful combination of language, film and technology ‒ the 3 pillars of our project. And it makes us think divergently. For example, by giving our project a title that resembles a well-known phrase from the series, by calling our transnational activities ‘Episodes’, or by using famous quotes by much beloved fictional characters.

Finally, we greatly admire the wisdom and skillfulness of Jedi masters and their devoted Padawan learners, and we can closely relate to building upon one’s limitations and capitalizing upon one’s strengths. Why? Because it is about deep learning, and it is certainly about grit.

 Would you care to share some good ideas with us? Just drop us a line to info@griterasmusplus.eu

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