Local activities at Wilhelm-Leibl-Schule


September. Introducing the project within our school

October. Writing an article; informing the local community; presenting the Erasmus+ logo on the school’s homepage

November.  Meeting with the students to be part of the project, presenting information on the project on the school homepage in form of a timeline, so that we can add everything we do step by step; writing an article; creating an informative display for parents (parents’ evening Nov 14 and Nov 21) and teachers

Practising how to make videos to present oneself.

December. Preparing for the teacher training event; disseminating the outcomes of it


January. Preparing for  Episode II by running an elective project course titled “Human Dignity & Freedom; studying film literacy, learning English, watching the film (Wonder) and writing film reviews

Preparing students to perform in front of an audience by making videos of their presentation and discussing it afterwards. We also created signs to hold up during the presentation to give instant feedback. Each student got a personal feedback sheet afterwards as well which included feedback on content, language and design of the poster together with a helpful tip (Maybe next time you could…).

February. Continuing with before Episode II activities; focusing on  the topic of human dignity in the light of European refugee crisis; studying the basics of (classroom) debate; learning to create effective debate speeches;  assisting C.E. Rivas Luna with  preparations for the upcoming transnational event

March. Disseminating the outcomes of Episode II; implementing classroom debate activities in language instruction

April. Creating content for the project website

May. Sharing experiences with students from other countries via social media informally

June. Preparing for the final exams which have been postponed; first ideas about the design of the portfolio

July. Writing portfolios; teachers’ training online