Local activities at Tartu Tamme Gümnaasium


September. Introducing the project within our school; publishing an article on the school’s homepage; attending the opening seminar offered by the Estonian NA

October. Building an Erasmus+ display wall in school; attending a film literacy training; familiarizing ourselves with relevant literature on CLIL and blanded learning

November. Preparing for the first short term teacher training event in Tartu:  designing the programme, selecting the external texts, preparing teacher-compiled texts; engaging colleagues; selecting students

December. Hosting the first teacher training event; disseminating the event by creating an attractive Erasmus+ display stand on all partner schools at Tartu Tamme Gümnaasium.


January. Preparing for  Episode II by running an elective project course titled “Human Dignity & Freedom; studying film literacy, learning English, watching the film (Wonder) and writing film reviews

February. Continuing with before Episode II activities; focusing on  the topic of human dignity in the light of European refugee crisis; studying the basics of (classroom) debate; learning to create effective debate speeches;  assisting C.E. Rivas Luna with  preparations for the upcoming transnational event

March. Disseminating the outcomes of Episode II; implementing classroom debate activities in language instruction.

April. Writing an article to the Open magazine of the EATE; adding content to the project website; updating the Erasmus+display wall at TTG

May.  Developing the project’s website; preparing for the upcoming video-conference in June (researching, analyzing, evaluating, summarizing and generating)

June.  Working on the first reusable pedagogical resource of our project; creating new content; consolidating and editing

July. Creating content for the project’s website

August. Working  on teacher e-portfolios

September.  Participating in a webinar on Erasmus+ strategic partnerships in the context of Covid-19 pandemic; sharing  information with partners; holding a Microsoft Teams meeting