Local activities at Maria Goretti Sekundarschule


September. Meeting with the headquarter and talking with colleagues about the project; searching for another English teacher to take part in the project

October. Publishing an article about the project on the school homepage; contacting the local newspaper to publish an article about the project in order to reach local community

November. Creating a place for the project on the school display board; selecting the students

December. Preparing for, and disseminating the outcomes of the first teacher training event in Tartu


January. Preparing for  Episode II by running an elective project course titled “Human Dignity & Freedom; studying film literacy, learning English, watching the film (Wonder) and writing film reviews

February. Continuing with before Episode II activities; focusing on  the topic of human dignity in the light of European refugee crisis; studying the basics of (classroom) debate; learning to create effective debate speeches;  assisting C.E. Rivas Luna with  preparations for the upcoming transnational event

March. Disseminating the outcomes of Episode II; implementing classroom debate activities in language instruction.

July. Creating content for the project’s website

August. Working  on teacher e-portfolios

September.  Participating in a webinar on Erasmus+ strategic partnerships in the context of Covid-19 pandemic; sharing  information with partners; holding a Microsoft Teams meeting

October.  A presentation on this project made at EATE autumn seminars “Teaching Makes a Difference” in Tallinn and Tartu made by the coordinator Triin Lingiene; the first reusable pedagogical resource “Human Dignity and Freedom”  being adapted for a Moodle course

November.  Starting anthe second  Erasmus+ project course (CLIL and blended learning)  for year 11 students; adding content to the project’s website

December.  Generating content for a reusable pedagogical resource on the rule of law and human rights

April. Students writing their blogposts about the exchange in spain. Teachers getting in touch with the european parliament for a visit for the next exchange and organising further activities.

May. Teacher preparing for the mid-time evaluation. Students creating their ePortfolio.

June. Teachers preparing the next exchanges and documents (risk management and a summary about “Deep work” by Cal Newport). Partners holding a videoconference due to the coronavirus.

July. Video conference to discuss the continuation of our project. Preparation and presentation about “Shallow work – Deep work” by Cal Newport.

August. Preparation of the new schoolyear. Consolidation.

September. Generating new content related to language with film and content with language activities. Working on teacher e-portfolios.

October. Implementation

November. Preparing for the mid-term evaluation. Composition of a blogpost (about “Shallow work – Deep work” by Cal Newport.

December. Students writing their exams. Elaboration of a student’s VLOG about Episode II in Valencia. Teacher generating a video for the project.


January. Participation in an advanced training about MS Teams (webinar). Elaboration of a video to present our school.

February.  Studying European values and creating a presentation on liberal values.