Local activities at C.E. Rivas Luna


September . Talking to all the school community about the project in the monthly staff meeting;  writing an article about the project in the school website; dissemination of the attendance to different seminars about the project in social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

October. Putting  an Erasmus  display in the school wall; including the Erasmus logo in the school leaflets; selecting the students

November. Preparing activities for the first LTTA in Spain;  communicating the the approval of the project to the Town Hall of La Eliana to see in which way they can cooperate with the activities in Spain and also the way they can also do some dissemination tasks (local dissemination)

December.  Analyzing and  implementing various materials covered in Tartu; disseminating the outcomes  of the first Teacher training event.


January. Preparing for  Episode II by running an elective project course titled “Human Dignity & Freedom; studying film literacy, learning English, watching the film (Wonder) and writing film reviews.

February. Continuing with prior to Episode II activities; focusing on  the topic of human dignity in the light of European refugee crisis; studying the basics of (classroom) debate; learning to create effective debate speeches;  preparing for the upcoming exchange of groups of pupils

March. Disseminating the outcomes of Episode II; implementing classroom debate activities in language instruction.

April. Working online due to Coronavirus

May.  Working online due to Coronavirus

June. Preparing for the mid-term evaluation; creating new content for Episode III