Democracy means ruled by the people. The people elect their representatives. For me it means that everyone in society has a voice and the right and possibility to change something in their country and in the world. In a democracy your freedom and your rights can be guaranteed.

In Belgium, democracy is sometimes very difficult because of the language and cultural differences. Because of that it is even more important for us Belgians to work together and do whatever we can to make democracy work. It is definitely not perfect. The Belgian election system is complicated. A lot of Belgians do not understand it. That is why in my opinion the election system should be more easy. Besides from that, Belgium is still a monarchy, so it is ruled by a king. A king that just was born in this position. He did not have to be elected. I think that a monarchy is not appropriate for our time. But even though democracy in my country is not perfect, we still live in freedom and can be sure that our rights are guaranteed.

For my group, we thought that democracy is a good system with its benefits. But there are still some points that just have to get better. Like the ministers of specific departments should know what they are talking about. Like the minister of health should be a doctor or anything like that. We also think, that a good politician should be transparent and ambitious.

By Eva from Belgium