I heard about the Erasmus+ Project in school, and I knew that I had to sign up for it because I thought it’s a great opportunity to learn something new and improve my English.

With the project I had the chance to go to Spain and I did that. I didn’t regret it. I learned about the Spanish culture, made new friends and gained a lot of new knowledge through seminars we attended and the group work we had to do in school. For a week we stayed with host families. Therefore, I was able to eat lots of new food I didn’t know.

Throughout the whole week we had to do tasks in school like a debate speech about refugees in Europe, a little video which shows what sexual harassment is. We had to do all of that in groups we were assigned to at the beginning of the week. We also went to the city of Valencia together and had a tour through the city, which was quite interesting. After school, we always did something with the other students; for example, bowling or eating together. After all, it was a great week with a great new experience and I would do it again if I had the chance.

By Julian from Germany