We arrived in Denmark on the 27th of March. After arriving in Denmark, we explored the city and what it had to offer. We also met up with our peers in the hotel. They were all very joyous and friendly.

On the second day, we woke up early in the morning and went to a local educational establishment called Varde Gymnasium. The teachers welcomed us to the school with an opening speech. After that, we had some classes. My favourite one that day was the Danish lesson. It was a lot of fun.

On the second day, we had some classes, and after that, we visited the town hall. It was a unique experience. After that, we went back to school to gather our things and conclude the day.

On the third day, we had some more workshops, and we also had the chance to go on a photo safari across Varde. On that day, the city seemed a lot bigger than I had previously imagined.

On our fourth day, we visited a couple of the neighbouring cities, and we even took a ferry to a nearby island. It was windy that day, and some students fell a little sick afterward.

On the fifth day, we concluded our Erasmus project and got some free time to enjoy the beautiful city.

Throughout the trip, we would watch movies in the hotel. It was hands down, my favourite part of the trip. All of us gathered in the common room, and we had fun chatting and laughing. The food was also good, and the portions were enormous. I’m grateful that I got to meet all of those amazing people. Spending time with them was wonderful.

By Sander from Estonia