I joined the Erasmus+ project because I thought it would be fun but listen to my participation here in Denmark. We started many weeks before the project, and that meant a lot of pre work and meetings, but it was still as fun as I expected when the students and teachers came from Spain, Estonia and Belgium.


They came Sunday, but we met them on Monday at the school. I personally started speaking most with the Spanish and Estonian students, but I also spoke some with the Belgium students. Monday, we visited the restaurant Gl. Daws (old traditional Danish food) And Tuesday we were on big world (Chinese food) very popular in the most of Denmark, Wednesday we were on Taverna Familia (Greek food) also very popular in Denmark, Thursday we were on street food (a mix with a lot of countries) and then Friday we ate on the Sportel (we got chicken). Every day we got some food on the school from the cantina. On Thursday we visited the city Esbjerg and the island Fanø where we did a find2learn (A quiz where you walk or run around). We got a guided tour from some other students who went on the international gymnasium in Esbjerg and got some history about the city Esbjerg. We got a lot of time to shop and se Varde and Esbjerg. Friday, we played bowling in the local bowling ale, and when we’re not doing any of the other things, we were chilling at the Sportel chatting, playing games, or watching a movie. The saddest day was Saturday when they were all leaving, and the Spanish students and teachers did Friday before we even ate. but we svore to keep in contact in our group on snapchat so all who wanted got added and were still snapping today.


We worked with a debate where you had to present a topic and the opponent team had to give a response back and then the first team protected their topic and the opponent team got one more attack. And our main topic was the quote from Bruce Springsteen: nobody wins unless everybody wins. A bit of a hard topic because we are all different so not everyone can win all the time, but we managed to get it done and we all were happy at the end and the debate worked out.

By Morten from Denmark