On the first day of our project, we were divided to six groups, where were people from different countries. We read our film reviews of “Wonder”. After that it was time to introduce our schools and cultures in a schools’ carousel session. Last session was a cultural session where we listened about Spanish culture and learned some Spanish words and phrases.

The second day of our project was mostly about listening to different lectures. The topics were e-safety, gender equality and cyber-bullying. It was a good opportunity for us to take notes about those things we knew little about. Also, we were given a chance to share our opinions, which many people did. We had also a tour to the town centre: we walked to the town hall, and later listened to the speech delivered by the mayor of L’Eliana.

On the third day, we made video clips about gender violence with our groups. After making the videos, we prepared for our debate speech.  My group was the Government group, which means that we were supposed to debate in favour of the motion given. We also took a quiz about “Wonder”. After hard work, we played different sports games. I chose to play table tennis.

We had a guided tour in the city centre of Valencia. We saw historical buildings and our tour guide told us about the history of Valencia. In the end, we went to the market, where we could buy some souvenirs. It was planned to go on a boat trip, but it was cancelled because of the wind. We had some time for shopping in a shopping mall.

We drew pictures for our project website. We had some time to prepare for our debate speech, and then it was time to debate. We practiced English with debating, and we had to be ready to respond to the Opposition group. After all debate speeches, we got feedback from our teachers. We saw one video about gender violence, which was made by one group. Also we got to know the results of quiz.

By Laura Eva Helena from Estonia