Film literacy means to me that people know how films are made, and different aspects of making a film. Also they know how to watch a movie critically and analyse camera and actors work etc. They know all the stages and elements that need to be done to get a great film.

I am pretty sure that I have learned many new words and phrases from watching different types of films. But it must be noted that I haven’t learned that much how those words are written, but more how they are pronounced. I think that films help to make my language more colourful.

Different types of films show different types of cultural elements from different countries. For example; you can see more or less how and what they eat, what their ethics are, etc. You can compare American and Japanese movies, and they will be pretty different.

Our group is pretty conscious when we are choosing a film to watch. Some of us are choosing based on a genre, and some of us are based on the storyline.

We can be both critical and just sit back and relax when we are watching a film. It is based on a situation, and also a movie, but in some way we all criticise it a little bit.

The content of a film is pretty important to us, because when it is boring or we just don’t like the storyline, then we don’t want to watch it.

By Laura Eva Helena from Estonia