Film literacy is the level of understanding of a film. It’s the competence to analyse and criticize the story, the message the film wants to convey and the way the film was made.

By watching a film in a foreign language you can improve your language because it helps you learn new vocabulary and it also helps you to pronounce the words right.

Thanks to certain films we learn more about other cultures, about their way of life, but also everything we don’t see behind our prejudices. For example in the film “Blinded by the light” we learn more about the Pakistani culture. Some Pakistani are bullied and don’t feel well where they live.

My favourite film genre is comedy. But I also like to watch other genres and afterwards discuss the film with my friends because we all have different opinions and it’s important to me to be open-minded and learn new thinks during the conversation with my friends.

My favourite actors are Will Smith, Kevin Hart and Omar Sy. Many people know Omar Sy even though he’s a French actor. He’s famous because he played in the film “The Untouchables”, which is well known. It’s complicated to have common favourite actors because we come from other countries and don’t watch the same films.

By Clara from Belgium