To me, film literacy is the ability to watch a film consciously. So you can critically analyse what is happening around the characters. Also, why some characters act the way they do and what the film is trying to tell you. You can also decide whether the problems, situations and solutions that are shown in the film are realistically possible and spot loop holes or mistakes done in the film, that is if there are any.

Learning a language with the help of movies and films is a very brilliant and fun way to do so as it is the way I learned English. It is possibly one of the easiest ways to teach a child a new language since they would be so invested in what’s shown in front of them while the classical way of textbooks and lectures is dull and kids tend to lose focus fast, resulting in barely any progress made.

However, I believe that learning about new cultures through a film exposes many risks. While films do help you discover and understand new cultures, that’s usually as far as the pros of it go, the reason being that films typically show stereotypes that some can be harmful and hurtful.

By Ivika from Estonia