After my colleague Jenny asked me to support her with this project, I spontaneously decided to join her in  Valencia. I have never regretted this decision.

Through this project, I met many great colleagues from different countries.

The exchange among each other was very enriching and encouraging. Both students and teachers were enthusiastic. It was an excellent opportunity to discover new cultures and improve my English.

The different activities have allowed the pupils to get to know European values better. For example, by preparing a debate, the students learned to discuss and question different positions – always with mutual respect.

This project points out the benefits of the European Union. We are a member of a big community, and we should use this chance.

Great people, interesting topics, and workshops made this trip unforgettable for me. Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible!

This Erasmus+ project was a great experience in my life as a teacher.

May ICT be with you 😉

By Ina from Belgium