Democracy is when people discuss what to do with the country and what the country need of laws if it needs to be changed or kept. When they don’t do that, they will talk about crises and what happens in the world and what to do about it if we need to interfere or stay out of it.

For example, the war between Ukraine and Russia, we talk about if we need to send weapons or tanks and stuff like that, but we also discuss what we need to do in Denmark if we need to give place to the refugees in cards. For example, we use an old school to host some refugees and they live with Danish families and their children go to school and work as much as they can. But they don’t have to work.

Under corona, we actually were close to cut our minister because she send out an order to kill  all the mink in Denmark without permission. To me, personally, democracy means we get to be part of the class/ country. In our group, we talked about that in general.  We need to make a bigger effort of making it true democracy because we aren’t doing real democracy.

By Morten from Denmark