Democracy is a form of government, which is based on freedom and equality. Democracy isn’t the same in each country but the idea is always the same. I think democracy is also a condition for freedom. Because when you live in a dictatorship; for example, you can’t express your opinion and there is only one person who takes decisions for the whole country.

Since October 2021 all the Belgians from the age of 16 have been allowed to vote for the EU-Parliament. Belgium was one of the first countries to introduce this law. Because of the many differences in our country it’s very difficult to unite all people and ensure democracy. Therefore, our electoral system is very complicated and difficult to understand for some people. Even if the politicians are elected is not certain that they are in the parliament.

In our group we discussed that a politician must be strong-minded and trustworthy. I think that young people don’t talk enough about politics. At the beginning of our lives we were influenced by the values of our family but when we grow up, we make up our own minds. In our opinion it’s especially important for young people to vote, because we are the future and we will be the ones in charge to create a better world.

By Julie from Belgium