To me, democracy is when everyone’s votes are taken into account, no matter their race, gender or sexual orientation. Everyone is equal in the eyes of democracy.

In Estonia, the president serves a more representative role while the prime minister has the power to actually make a difference. There’s also the parliament which consists of 101 citizens of Estonia, all from different political parties. The parliament represents the people’s voices. We as the citizens can choose who will be the leading party through a voting system.

We as a group discussed what qualities are needed to be a good politician and we believe that you need to be a good spokesperson, be liked and respected by your people, be able to see from other people’s perspectives and have your focus on the citizens and their needs.

However, in my opinion Estonia lacks of good politicians. If I were the leader of my country, I’d change the way the country’s money gets used because as of now it seems to me that these funds are spent on absolutely random things that could wait, for example around 2 million euros was given to a small city to support a church construction that will be used by only 10 people, and the more important problems are swept under the rug and forgotten about, like the energy crisis.

By Ivika from Estonia