A democracy is a government in which the people are sovereign. For me, democracy is a good form of government because people’s ideas are taken into account. I think there is still a way to improve this democracy, for example to ask more people’s opinion before making decisions, especially when it directly affects their way of life. What I also like in a democracy is that people are free to think and express their opinions, what is not possible in a dictatorship.

Democracy in Belgium is complicated to implement because our country is divided into three regions divided by languages (German, French and Flemish). And some of the decisions are made differently for the different regions. That’s why sometimes it takes time after the elections to form the new government and that everyone is happy with this government.

On the one hand I don’t like politics because my mother is mayor and I have had some not very pleasant experiences because of her obligations. But on the other hand I think that politics can help change things in the country or even in the world. Politics can have either a positive or negative outcome. Politicians should use their power to the general benefits of the people and not to their own good.

By Clara from Belgium