Social media and mobiles in the classroom

Keeping mobiles out of the classroom has been a battle for the past few years but recently it seems to have become worse than ever. We live in a world where mobile phones appear to be an extension of our arms and every few minutes, we feel the urge to consult our screens in case

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Deep Work – pushing ourselves to the limits

Luckily, some months ago, I had the opportunity to deal with the topic of deep and shallow work, recommended by our project manager Triin. The book written by Cal Newport, discusses the work method of our contemporary society. In my opinion, the book was very interesting. I often wonder if today’s students are even capable

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How to improve the learning outcome while reading online?

Research shows that reading on a digital device demands a different kind of attention, knowledge and other skills from the students. If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s we rob them of tomorrow. —John Dewey When we are online, we read differently. We are looking for keywords, we skim and scan, and we

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Try to read a book while doing a crossword puzzle!

I like teaching my students at 10iCampus in Varde, Denmark – and I find it very important to be a professional teacher, who is aware of the way I teach them. In our digital world we need to be able to demand high otherwise we end up only facilitating the students and the learning will

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What’s grit got to do with learning?

Gritty people usually fare better in life since they pursue their objectives with greater passion and perseverance than most of us do. The American academic psychologist and popular science author Angela Duckworth writes in her book Grit: Why passion and resilience are the secrets to success that talent can in no account be considered a precondition for success. For

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