Technology in the foreign language classroom Blended learning is a theory for the digital age, which generally means nothing but combining course-book based teaching with computer-based learning. Here is where technology steps in. The question is not whether but how we should use it. How do we integrate technology into our classrooms? Why are we

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FILM: Scope

Upon completion of part 1 (FILM) of this resource, you will expand your knowledge of using film for language learning; better understand the language of film; learn how to read the screen; broaden your thematic vocabulary; and improve your productive language skills. You will also have and opportunity to develop your critical thinking skills; visual

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FILM: Content

Film literacy Film in action Five Ws and an H Camera shots and trailer talk Character study Wonder Bits and pieces Cast, director and author Mr. Browne's precepts The official website of Wonder Interviews with Roberts, Wilson, Tremblay, Diggs and Vidovic  R.J. Palacio and Stephen Chbosky Cast and Director Film review Film review guidelines Language

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FILM: Activities

Warming up Familiarize yourself with "Film in action" and complete worksheet 1. Study the model of “Five W's and one H” and complete worksheet 2 on your favourite film. Study the handout on camera shots, and complete worksheet 3 on your favourite film. Study the handout on character study, and complete worksheet 4 on your

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FILM: Thinking

What is the role of film in society and how does it show? Explain and give examples. How is reading the screen different from reading a book in your opinion? Discuss. What is the role of film in education? Explain and describe your own experience. What is the role of education in film? Explain and

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FILM: Reference Books and Web Sources

Donaghy, K. (2017) Film in Action: Teaching language using moving images. Delta Teacher Development Series. Dirks, T. (n.d.) Main film genres. Film site. Accessed 25 June 2020  <>. Studio Binder (n.d.) The Ultimate Guide to Camera Shots (50+ Types of Shots and Angles in Film). Accessed 25 June 2020 <>.

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Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is an approach or method which integrates the teaching content with the teaching of non-native language. Knowledge and principles of CLIL Subject teachers and language teachers Soft CLIL (language-led) and hard CLIL (subject-led) Content, communication, cognition and culture (the 4Cs) Basic interpersonal communicative skills (BICS) Cognitive academic language proficiency

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Upon completion of part 2 (DEBATE) of this resource, you will expand your knowledge of using language for content learning; better understand how to argue for and against a given motion; broaden your thematic vocabulary, and improve your productive English skills. You will also have an opportunity to develop your critical thinking skills; effective reasoning

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DEBATE: Content

Human dignity Human dignity Refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and immigrants Creating a safe haven for all Welcome to Europe Arguments for and against newcomers to Europe Debate Debate guidelines  Debate terms Matter, manner and method How to write a debate speech? Counterargument and refutation Videos Instructional videos    

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