In March 2022, 24 students and 8 teachers from different countries, met in Denmark for an unforgettable experience. We improved our English skills, learned about new cultures and develop new friendships across the countries, and we become more aware of ICT and the rule of law.

Before the students and teachers from Spain, Belgium and Estonia arrived, we had a lot of preparations. We watched “Blinded by the light” and made a film review, so we could talk about it across the countries. “Nobody wins unless everybody wins”, is a phrase used by Bruce Springsteen and used in the Bruce-inspired movie we saw. The phrase became a (key-line) for our big debate.


Monday, we introduced the students to this school and got them a guided tour in groups of eight (two from each country). They learned a bit about the Danish culture and language. We talked about the movie we had seen. In the end of the day, we made a school carousel, where was a table from each country, and each country had a few things with, like food, clothes, toy and so on. In the evening we ate in a restaurant, called “Restaurant gl. Daws”.


Tuesday, we started the day with a workshop about body language, facial expression and public speaking skills. We got a visit from Amnesty international. Afterward we went to our local Town Hall and learned a lot about our municipality. In the last session of the day, we started our preparations to the big debate. In the evening we ate in a Chinese restaurant.


Wednesday, in the beginning of the day we continued with the preparation to the debate. Later we attended in some team building activities, made by the adventure track. The activities were disk-golf, shooting, climbing and tug-of-war. Afterward we were on a photo-safari around the city in small international groups. We ate in a Greek restaurant.


Thursday, we went on a full daytrip to Esbjerg. We got a guided tour by some IB-students. Visited the house of sustainable development goals and ate our lunch there. Afterward we took the ferry to the island, Fanø, and made a find2learn. When we got back to Esbjerg, we took the bus to the white men (a sculpture of four, big, white men by the Wadden sea). A ranger, named Lasse told us a bit about the Wadden sea. After that, we took to the city-centre for some shopping. Before we left Esbjerg, we got some dinner at Street food.


Friday, we made an intercultural activity. After that we had our big debate and got our certifications. In the evening we were out bowling and eating. We ended the day with a “goodbye” and a “see you”.

By Elisabeth from Denmark