On the 28th March, all the way to the 1st April, right in the middle of exam season, instead of working my fingers to the bone to prepare for the upcoming Math and Estonian finals, I was in Denmark, in a small city called Varde, in a study camp that  centred around film study and European matters.

For the whole week, my five fellow students and I  had to attend different workshop classes prepared to us by all the other teachers.  We worked together in international groups, so we were kept busy every day.

Out of all the classes, however, the most memorable for me was the one I ran myself with the help of my teacher. The topic involved cultural differences that everyone got to explore through a role play activity between ‘the aliens’ from another planet and ‘humans’. I believe that everyone had more fun with this light-hearted and less serious theme than with other workshop classes before.

And on a positive note, I also managed to do some math exercises during my free time, so all progress wasn’t lost with a week in Varde.

By Ivika from Estonia